This part of the website has been produced to provide fans of Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn trilogy with technical information about the Adamist Starships of confederation universe. The Night's Dawn trilogy is set against a rich backdrop based in the 26th century. In this timeline, humans have expanded their empire into space using new technologies. The confederation consists of nearly 1000 settled worlds spread over a large  number of star systems.

The confederation of the 26th century contains thousands upon thousands of spaceships of various designs. Many of these are inter-system ships, incapable of traveling across the vast distances between the stars.  These inter-system ships can range from tugs, spaceplanes, cargo transporters to fuel scoopers.

The Adamist culture however has developed ZZT jump nodes, an advanced technology that allows starships to travel between the vast gulfs between the stars. The Edenist Culture however has bioengineered living starships called Voidhawks that allow them to travel these great distances as well.  

The last group of interstellar ships used by the Confederation are Blackhawks, these ships are an offshoot of Voidhawks and typically belong to free-traders and mercenaries.

The vast majority of starships capable of interstellar travel are incapable of landing on planetary surfaces, although a few Adamist warships are capable of this action. For the majority of starships, planetary surfaces are only reachable through the use of small ancillary craft such as spaceplanes.

If you would like more detailed information on the other aspects of Peter F Hamiltons rich universe, I suggest reading the Trilogy, and purchasing the excellent Confederation Handbook which is available at most bookstores.


Adamist Starship Articles

Adamist Starships

This article contains information on the basic functions of Adamist starships in the confederation universe. For this article I would like to thank Peter F Hamilton who pointed out several mistakes I made with the original versions of the design.

ZZT and Astrogation for Adamist Starships

This article focuses on the principles of Faster than Light Travel in the confederation universe. It gives detailed information on the methods employed and the technologies that are used.

Thermo Dump Panels & Heat Management

Adamist starships generate a lot of heat and without a mechanism for removing this heat, adamist starships would soon become useless. This articles shows how the Adamist society has learnt to deal with this situation and the technology it uses.

Combat Wasps & Space Combat

Space in Peter F. Hamiltons Confederation Universe can be a dangerous place to be, especially if you find yourself on the wrong end of a combat wasp. This article covers space combat in the Confederation Universe and explores the technologies used in one of it's widely used technologies, the Combat Wasp.

Adamist Sensor Arrays

Having the best weapons in known space won't help you if you can't see where you are going. This article looks at eyes and ears of the Adamist starship, the sensors. There are numerous sensors arrays for use on Adamist starships, each performing different tasks. 

Wallpapers & Misc

Here you will find a small selection of Wallpapers, an Animation and some other miscellaneous things that are related to my work on Peter F Hamilton's Confederation Universe.



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